Since 1996, I have worked on many projects, with a total of 4 million words translated or edited.

My clients include translation agencies and companies from different industries, located in USA, UK, France, Belgium, and Spain. My fields of expertise include Marketing & Advertising / International Commerce / Humanities (Literature & Arts) / Social Sciences (Architecture, Politics, Feminism) / Gastronomy / Fashion & Cosmetics.

Marketing & Advertising translation projects: EN > CA / EN > ES

Transcreation of web sites, leisure, artcrafts, machinery, robots, transports, sales by country.

International Commerce projects: EN > ES / FR > ES

Incoterms courses, international finance, international transport, dangerous goods, payment methods.


Humanities: Literary: EN > CA / FR > CAT / PT > ES

Novels, theatre, poetry, magazine articles, anthologies.

Humanities: Art: EN > ES / FR > ES

Brochures, catalogues.

Social Sciences: Feminism: EN > ES 

Books on academic fields related to feminism, magazine articles, seminar presentations.

Social Sciences: Architecture: EN > CA

Brochures and studies.

Gastronomy: PT > ES

Recipe books, history of gastronomy.

Fashion & Cosmetics: EN > CA / EN > ES / FR > CA / FR > ES

Brochures and catalogues.


My WORKING PROCESS consists in six phases:

· Text analysis and budget.
· Terminological casting and detection of specific style characteristics. Search of parallel reference texts.
· Translation.
· Editing.
· Revision and quality control.
· Delivery and follow-up.

My customers are offered full confidence, collaboration and confidentiality.


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