Marketing & Advertising / International Commerce / Humanities (Literature & Arts) / Social Sciences (Architecture, Politics, Feminism) / Gastronomy / Fashion & Cosmetics


Hi! My name is Núria Busquet Molist, I am a poet and a writer born and living in Catalonia. I am also a punk, but I have my crest hidden inside. Last, but not least, I am a PROFESSIONAL FREELANCE TRANSLATOR. I translate and write as a job, but also as a passion. I am fourty, have a house, three kids, a job and a vocation, and more importantly: a room of my own.

I do and I say whatever I feel and this is my way of being in peace with myself. I truly believe that happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy every day. A happy translator makes good translations!

I have written since I can remember, and languages are my passion. I love languages so much because I love literature, and literature has made me love languages.

I translate from English, French and Portuguese to Spanish and Catalan. I am bilingual in both languages.


Translation-Transcreation / Copywriting / Proofreading  / Transcription

19 years of experience


I am a TRANSLATOR/TRANSCREATOR, COPYWRITER, PROOFREADER and TRANSCRIPTOR with 19 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the Translation Industry. That sounds a lot, that’s right!

I am a graduate in Translation and Interpretation for the Autonomous University of Barcelona (class of 96). Have a Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies, and three or more diplomas which will help you convince I am very well prepared. You can have a look later at my Profile Page! I’ll be happy to show you what I know.

I translate literature and also have been in different companies as a translator and export specialist, during the last 15 years. I also have several International Commerce university diplomas.

I am specialized in Marketing & Advertising, International Commerce, Humanities, Social Sciences, Gastronomy, Fashion & Cosmetics. 

So, if you need a translation with the highest quality from English, French and Portuguese to Spanish or Catalan about Literature, Marketing, International Commerce, Feminism or Arts, I am the person you’re looking for. Contact me and we’ll have a chat. I will be so happy to help you!

Have I told you that I love my job? Sure!


Happy / Creative / Professional / Kind


I like translating because I love writing. I am a creative person, and I create through the language. I write prose and poetry in Catalan. Don’t be shy! Take a look at what I do in my blog.

It doesn’t come as a surprise, then, that I also work as a copywriter. Creating a text from nowhere, that’s my speciality. Just try me!

I am also capable of proofreading and… writing poems!

Aren’t you convinced yet? I am just what you were looking for! Just contact me, you will see how professional and nice I am. I am also clean, fast and my translations are quality proved!

I am waiting for your request!

Do you need a good, fast and professional translation? You have it! Let’s talk!

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